Boston is known for its delicious seafood including its lobster

19 Best Lobster Rolls in Boston, Massachusetts (From a Local!)

Looking for the best lobster roll in Boston Massachusetts? Or should I say “lobstah roll”!

When it comes to finding the best lobster roll in New England, Boston should be at the top of your list! Boston Massachusetts is well known for its history, championship sports teams, high-caliber universities, and its seafood, especially the world-renowned Maine lobster roll. 

My mouth was watering writing this post! Boston offers so many fresh variations of lobster rolls- from traditional mayo, or butter rolls, to lobster with a fresh flavor twist.  

Best Lobster Rolls in the North End Boston

North End is the Italian neighborhood in Boston and offers so many delicious options for food. Be sure to grab a cannoli at Mike’s Pastries after your lobster roll!

One of Boston's best lobster rolls can be found at Pauli's
Photo by Pauli’s. Instagram @paulisboston

1. Pauli’s

65 Salem St, Boston

Pauli’s is sandwich shop in the North End of Boston that is rated one of the best spots for lobster rolls. They serve classic lobster rolls in hot dog buns as well as sub rolls. Pauli’s is most known for their 28-ounce “Lobstitution” sandwich on two large sub rolls. Iconic!

If you don’t have the appetite for the 28-ounce Lobstitution, they also offer smaller portions at 7 or 14 ounces. They also have begun to ship lobster roll kits nationwide so you don’t even need to be in Boston to enjoy lobster!

2. Neptune Oyster

63 Salem St. Boston

Also found in the North End, Neptune Oyster is known for its high-level seafood offerings. One of their more popular items, the lobster roll, is available in classic chilled Maine style or hot and buttered. 

The lobster rolls have a non-traditional touch as they are made with brioche rolls but with a perfect meat-to-bun ratio stuffed with 7 ounces of lobster. The restaurant is small and will be crowded so expect a line out the door!

  • Looking for the best lobster in Quincy Market? Avoid the tourist stands and walk 5 minutes to Neptune Oyster.
Neptune Oyster in the Snow. Photo by Bret Clancy
Photo by Bret Clancy, Instagram @BretClancy

3. Mare Oyster Bar

223 Hanover Street / 3 Mechanic Street, Boston

Mare Oyster Bar is an underrated choice for Bostonian lobster, but has high quality offerings. The lobster rolls are available hot or cold and served on a freshly baked brioche roll from a local bakery.

Make sure you try the fresh oysters as well, and get a side of rosemary fries. The outdoor patio is perfect for the summer months!

Best Lobster Rolls in Boston’s Downtown/Seaport

Venture out of the North End to historic downtown Boston. Be sure to explore the downtown area including Fanuel Hall, Granary Burial Ground, and the site of the Boston Massacre in 1770. Once you are done exploring and learning about Boston’s history, be sure to grab another lobster roll!

James Hook & Co offers fresh lobster and meaty rolls
Photo by James Hook & Co. Instagram @JamesHookLobster

4. James Hook & Co

440 Atlantic Ave, Boston

This casual seafood shack on Boston’s harbor has offered simple, classic lobster rolls since 1925. James Hook & Co catch their own lobster meat and ship nationwide to distributors and restaurants-so you know they only use the best and freshest for their own rolls.

Their rolls are overflowing with juicy, sweet meat and complimented with mayo. No frills, just fresh ingredients that allow the lobster meat to shine. Their crab roll is also worth trying!

5. Row 34

383 Congress St, Fort Point, Boston

Row 34 is a trendy upscale spot for lobster rolls and seafood. Chef Jeremy Sewall gets all the lobster from his family’s fishing company up in Maine so you can only expect the freshest meat.

Known for its hot buttered rolls, you can get your lobster roll classic with mayo or with creme fraiche. The simple rolls without many added toppings allow the fresh meat to be the star of the show. Grab a cold beer and raw oysters to wash down the roll! 

Try some delicious, tender lobster meat in a classic Boston hot dog roll
Photo by Row 34. Instagram @Row34

6.  Woods Hill Pier 4

300 Pier 4 Boulevard, Boston

Wood’s Hill offers a non-traditional lobster roll for those who are looking for a new variation on the New England classic. Instead of the hot dog bun, the restaurant uses a popover with creme fraiche. 

Visit the restaurant for its brunch and be sure to sit outside. The other menu items are equally as delicious!

7. Legal Sea Foods Harborside

270 Northern Ave, Boston

Legal Seafood is a Boston chain restaurant but don’t be discouraged- they serve a solid lobster roll. This location is the flagship restaurant which has 3 floors of different dining experiences with a beautiful view of Boston’s harbor. 

Grab a beer, and enjoy a traditional mayo or hot buttered roll. 

8. The Barking Crab

88 Sleeper St, Boston

This casual and fun venue is technically a crab shack but offers seafood such as fried clams, raw oysters, and fish and chips. It is located right along the harbor’s walking trail so it’s convenient for tourists and residents alike.

Get out of the sun, grab a beer, and a lobster roll! You can’t miss its bright red and yellow circus-style tent. 

The Barking Crab offers one of Boston's best lobster rolls.
Photo by Barking Crab

9. Yankee Lobster

300 Northern Ave, Boston

Yankee Lobster is a casual, seafood shack that offers no-frills lobster rolls with a rustic New England charm. The lobster rolls have a generous portion of meat either drenched in butter or with mayo and herbs. 

Craving a new twist? The restaurant is unique for its fried lobster roll served on a traditional bun. The lobster bisque is also highly reviewed! Order and seat yourself outside. 

Best Lobster Rolls in Boston’s Back Bay

Travel over to the Back Bay for shopping on Newbury street, and a large selection of lobster roll restaurants. I hope you still have an appetite!

10. Lobstah on a Roll

254 Newbury Street/ 537 Columbus Ave

Lobstah on a Roll feels like a hole-in-the-wall type of joint but offers delicious lobster rolls to its customers. It has both a Back Bay and South End location for a quick lunch stop.

Choose from hot buttered or cold mayo and order the 4, 6, or even 12-ounce sandwich if you dare! Recommended for its large chunks of lobster meat in its rolls.

Try Bank's stuffed lobster
Photo by The Banks Fish House. Instagram @thebanksboston

11. The Banks Fish House

406 Stuart St, Boston

The Banks Fish House is a modern seafood restaurant that offers a variety of fresh options. The restaurant is a bit more upscale than your traditional seafood shack and would be perfect for a date night or special occasion.

Order a lobster roll paired with light salt and chives on a brown butter bun or the stuffed lobster. If you are getting sick of lobster (yes, impossible I know) try the tuna tartar or salmon ceviche. 

12. Little Whale Oyster Bar

314 Newbury St, Boston

Tucked into Newbury Street in a modern yet cozy venue, Little Whale Oyster Bar offers many mouthwatering seafood options. This cute brownstone restaurant fills up quickly so arrive early!

Sip on some wine while getting a few appetizers, or dive into the entrees and try the lobster roll or lobster spaghetti! 

Try lobster with fresh cream
Photo by Saltie Girl Boston. Instagram @saltiegirl

13. Saltie Girl

279 Darmouth St, Boston

Saltie Girl prides itself on its fresh lobster caught locally in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In addition to the classic lobster roll, the restaurant also offers reimagined variations such as the seafood pizza, or a warm lobster roll topped with beurre blanc and lobster roe. 

The restaurant offers generous portions and always delivers fresh, clean ingredients. The clam chowder is also a hit!

Best Lobster Rolls in Boston’s Fenway/Kenmore

Headed to a RedSox game and craving lobster in the area? Check out these delicious favorites.

14. Eventide Fenway

1321 Boylston St, Boston

Eventide Fenway is an award-winning restaurant known for its unique take on the classic lobster roll. You can order its signature brown butter lobster rolls on an amazingly soft and absorbent bao-like bun. Smaller than a standard lobster roll but still packed with fresh flavor!

The fast-casual restaurant is a perfect stop on your Boston lobster roll journey. 

Try an unconventional lobster roll on a bao bun
Photo by Eventide Fenway. Instagram @eventtidefenway

15. Cusser’s Roast Beef & Seafood

304 Stuart St, Back Bay, Boston

Cusser’s is a Boston classic! Chef Carolyn Johnson is inspired by Massachusetts traditional seafood shacks and delivers a high-quality modern interpretation of the New England tradition. Mostly known for its famous roast beef sandwich, Cusser’s also offers lobster rolls with butter and chives, or with tarragon and mustard served on a potato bun.

There are additional Cusser’s locations at Boston food halls- Time Out Market in Fenway or Hub Hall on the West End. Expect simple yet timeless renditions of the lobster roll.

16. B&G Oysters

550 Tremont St, Boston

An easy walk from Back Bay and Copley, B&G Oysters is a destination for lobster rolls and other seafood appetizers in an upscale yet casual space. Get your lobster roll with bacon, celery, garlic, or lemon. Filled with chunks of both claw and tail meat, it will satisfy your lobster craving.

Sit on the patio or at the chef’s counter to see the chef shucking your oysters!

Try Boston's fresh raw Oysters

17. Luke’s Lobster

75 Exeter St/ 290 Washington St, Boston

Luke’s Lobster has grown into a chain with over 30 U.S. locations but still delivers the quality of a fresh, local New England lobster. Founded by third-generation lobsterman, Luke Holden, he ensures that all the lobster is super fresh as he purchases from local fishermen in Saco, Maine.

Sustainably sourced, Luke’s Lobster is a must-visit for the classic lobster roll. If you are getting sick of lobster, I recommend the crab roll for those desiring some mid-Atlantic flavors. Try the truffle butter or pesto as toppings for a new flavor twist. 

Best Lobster Rolls in Cambridge and Beyond

Outside of Boston proper still has some solid lobster roll options. 

18. Alive and Kicking Lobsters

269 Putnam Ave, Cambridge

This Cambridge joint is a casual takeout place where you can order fresh seafood to go. Tucked into a residential neighborhood, Alive and Kicking is a quirky local favorite.

They are known for mixing up the classic lobster roll by loading two toasted Scali bread pieces with lobster, essentially making a lobster sandwich! There is no indoor dining, just white plastic tables outside. 

Try the non-traditional Scali bread for a lobster roll

19. Belle Isle Seafood 

One Main St, Winthrop

This large waterfront restaurant in Winthrop serves delicious classic lobster rolls with a backdrop of the Boston skyline. The lobster rolls are known for being stuffed and sweet- good luck trying to find the bun among all the lobster chunks!

Please note that this is a cash-only establishment. 

Map of Boston’s Best Lobster Rolls

Lobster Rolls: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boston known for lobster rolls?

Yes, Boston and all of coastal New England is known for lobster rolls. Lobster is harvested off the coast of Maine and Massachusetts so Boston is able to get fresh lobster daily!

How much does a lobster roll cost in Boston?

A lobster roll costs between $25-40 in Boston. Lobster tends to be quite expensive due to the limited supply of lobsters to harvest and the high demand. Climate change and other environmental factors also put stress on the lobster population which drives up prices.

What time of the year is best for lobster in Boston?

Lobster is available all year round but the majority of the harvests pick up in the spring through summer.

Is lobster better in Maine or Boston?

Lobsters are equally fresh and delicious in both Maine and Boston. Boston is so close to Maine so the city is able to get a fresh supply daily. The cold waters in Maine allow the meat to grow sweet and tender so the closer you are to the fresh supplies, the better your lobster will taste.

What is the difference between a Maine lobster roll and a New England lobster roll?

The Maine, or Boston, lobster roll is traditionally served on a toasted hot dog bun with the lobster served cold with mayo. This is the most common type of lobster roll.

The New England roll (sometimes also called the Connecticut Roll) is served on a toasted hot dog bun with lobster served warm in butter (no mayo). However, you will find unique variations of the lobster roll all throughout New England.

Boston's harbor

Wrap-up: Best Lobster Rolls in Boston

Boston is a great destination for seafood and offers so many fresh variations of the traditional Maine lobster roll. There are plenty of top-quality restaurants that serve fresh lobster.

You will also find non-traditional lobster options across Boston in sub rolls, brioche, or bao buns, and taste new topping flavors such as chives, lemon, chili, fresh cream, or mustard. I hope you are hungry when you come to Boston!