23 Things Vermont is Known For 

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What is Vermont Known For?

Vermont is known for its scenic rolling mountains, quality skiing, organic locally produced food, and its open-minded culture. Known as the Green Mountain State, (Vermont translates to green mountain – ver mont- in French) Vermont provides an abundance of outdoor activities winter or summer.

While Vermont is the second least populous state in the country (only ahead of Wyoming), its famous for its charming towns reminiscent of early 1800s New England, and its bustling artisan communities. 

Fall foliage in Vermont

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Vermont is known for its Food and Drink

From its farm-to-table restaurant scene to its locally produced craft beer, Vermont has something every culinary lover will enjoy. 

1. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Even if you know little about Vermont, you probably associate the state with its famous ice cream. Besides being known for its unique yummy flavors, Ben and Jerry’s is known for being a social justice-supporting company true to its socially conscious Vermont roots.

The Ben and Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury Vermont allows visitors to learn about the ice cream production on-site, sample new flavors, and tour the “Flavor Graveyard” which honors the retired flavors on gravestones.

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2. Maple Syrup

Vermont is famous for its production of maple syrup and supplies the US with over half of its maple syrup. In the early spring months “sugar shacks” across the state harvest the sap from the maple trees, and boil it down to the maple syrup we all know.

Maple syrup is time intensive to make and requires 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup. (The average maple tree produces roughly 10 gallons!) Be sure to try and purchase the various maple goodies- candies, lollipops, fudge- that come from Vermont’s nectar.

Colorful beers at Lawsons

3. Craft Beer

Vermont is known for its craft beer scene. With regional brewery favorites such as Lawson’s Finest Liquors, Magic Hat, and Fiddlehead, every beer drinker will find a beer to their taste.

If you are an IPA fan you are in for a real treat- The Alchemist’s Heady Topper and Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine are well-renowned in the IPA community. (My personal favorite is Lawson’s Triple Sip of Sunshine if you are daring enough to try their triple IPA). 

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4. Apple Cider (alcohol)

Not a fan of beer? No problem- Vermont is also known for its apple cider (both the alcohol and non-alcoholic varieties). Citizen Cider in Burlington is a must-stop for any cider lover, with unique flavors such as maple. 

5. Apple Cider (non-alcoholic)

Not a drinker?- Vermont is famous for the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Stowe Vermont. Experience their unique “country store” atmosphere and sample their house-made apple cider and various apple-baked goods. The apple cider donuts and apple cider jelly are must-buy products! 

6. Farm Fresh Food

Vermont is known for its commitment to locally produced food. Anywhere you go in Vermont you are likely to encounter fresh produce and local meats. In addition to its thriving farm-to-table restaurant scene, Vermont has hundreds of farmer’s markets where farmers and artisans come to sell their goods.

The Brattleboro Farmer’s Market is the most well-known and you will be able to find all types of vegetables, cheeses, fresh bread, as well as homemade jewelry, soaps, and clothing.

7. Cabot Cheese

Move over Wisconsin- Vermont is known for its dairy products with Cabot Cheese being one of their well-known national exports. Famously known for its sharp Vermont cheddar varieties, Cabot Cheese is an essential ingredient in any Vermonter’s kitchen.

Be sure to stop by the factory in Cabot Vermont for free samples and cheese-related merchandise or their store in Waterbury Vermont. 

Vermont is known for its scenery and outdoors

Famous for its natural beauty in all seasons, Vermont attracts visitors for its variety of outdoor activities and wildlife.

Snowy ski hill and snowboards leaning up against wall

8. Skiing/Snowboarding

Vermont is most famously known for having the best snow on the east coast which makes for a perfect day on the slopes. Vermont has a variety of ski resorts that can fit your skillset.

There are many famous resorts such as Stowe Resort or Killington, but many quieter local favorites such as Sugarbush Resort or Mad River Glen. Hit the slopes and enjoy the fresh powder, or have a drink by the fireplace in the resort lounge. 

9. Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing

Not a skier/snowboarder? You can still enjoy Vermont’s winters by trying cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Many ski resorts offer alternative snow sports activities.

Mad River Glen ski resort offers guided snowshoe tours by a naturalist who guides you through the woods while pointing out local animal tracks, bear marks, and tree varieties. 

10. Summertime at Ski-Resorts

While ski towns may quiet down during the summer months, their slopes are still known for summertime activities such as disc golfing, hiking, biking, or ziplining. Vermont in the summer is an underrated time of year when the rolling green mountains are full of wildflowers and local wildlife.

Mountains that Vermont is known for

11. Wildlife: Moose

Vermont is known for its elusive resident- the moose! Vermont’s small population density allows its moose and other wildlife critters to thrive. Moose are most active in the fall or spring and retreat to higher elevations during the winter. Keep your eye out on your next hike for local wildlife. 

12. Open Space and Untouched Landscape

Vermont is known for its gorgeous scenery and not built-up landscape which is partly due to its 1968 law that prohibits billboards. Drive down scenic Route 100 Byway and experience unrestricted views. Vermont largely resists major corporate developments as it was also the last state to build a Walmart. 

13. Hiking

Vermont has a variety of hiking trails from family-friendly to trails for more seasoned hikers. If you enjoy a long day (or multi-day) trek, the Appalachian Trail or Long Trail provides challenging routes with ultra-rewarding mountain range views. 

14. Autumn and Leaf Peeping

Vermont is famous for its gorgeous array of red orange and yellow leaf displays come fall time. Vermont’s trees tend to peak early/mid-October so be prepared for beautiful views (but lots of tourists!) 

Fall foliage that Vermont is known for

Vermont is known for its college towns

Known for its thriving education opportunities, Vermont has many high-level colleges as well as competitive post-graduate programs in language and writing.

15. University of Vermont, Burlington VT

The University of Vermont offers its students a well-rounded liberal arts education in the heart of Burlington, the state capital. The college is known for its environmental and biology programs, medical school as well as its Division 1 Hockey (Go Catamounts!)

16. Middlebury College, Middlebury VT

Middlebury College is known for its immersive Middlebury Language Programs and renowned Bread Loaf Writers Conference. These are post-educational opportunities in the summer months that attract students worldwide. 

Vermont is known for its classic New England feel

Be prepared for Vermont’s idyllic small towns and pristine woods to transport you back to the mid-1800s New England. 

Snowy scene with pine trees

17. Poet Robert Frost

Famous New England poet Robert Frost lived in Vermont for a period of his life and his poetry reflects Vermont’s untouched woodlands and idyllic towns. Take a walk at the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail in Middlebury and feel truly immersed in his woodland world of the late 1800s. 

18. Covered Bridges

Vermont is famous for its picturesque covered bridges built in the mid-19th century. Photographers flock to the nearly 100 bridges across the state which provide a glimpse into pre-industrial life. The oldest of the bridges, the Pulp Mill bridge in Middlebury, has two lanes that impressively still stand today. 

19. Stowe, VT

Stowe is the quintessential New England town complete with a thriving artisan, ski, and farming community. Stowe Vermont is known for its gorgeous fall views and is a must-stop on any New England road trip

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Colorful foliage forest

Vermont is famous for its progressive ideology

Vermont is a liberal-minded state in terms of its state politics as well as culture.

20. LGBT friendly

Vermont is known for its progressive, open-minded culture. The first state to legalize civil unions for LGBT couples, it welcomes diversity. It ranks as one of the friendliest states for LGBT people.

21. Environmentally conscious

Vermont has made commitments to strong environmental standards by working towards 100% renewable energy and implementing strict requirements for development.

In addition to strong environmental policies, you’ll see Vermont’s environmentally conscious philosophy embedded in Vermonters’ daily life through the availability of local organic food, or the preservation of hiking trails. 

22. Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders is among the most famous Vermonters due to his unconventional Presidential runs in 2016 and 2020. He is known for championing the working class and cracking down on Wall Street regulations and taxing billionaires.

An icon for progressive politics, Bernie is often seen at Waitsfield Vermont’s Fourth of July parade. 

Bernie Sanders shakes hands with parade goers

23. Artisan Communities

Vermont is known for its thriving artisan communities. Visit one of Vermont’s towns and you are likely to find various local shops full of homemade goods such as pottery, oil paintings, jewelry, clothing, or soap. Support locally by visiting small shops and farmer’s markets. 

Where to stay in Vermont?

Vermont is full of unique cabins and inns that will help you get in the spirit of a rustic, relaxing vacation. Whether skiing, hiking or just enjoying some fresh air, there is so much to explore in Vermont.

Cabin in snowy scene

Where to stay in Middlebury VT

The Robert Frost Mountain cabin transports you back to a rustic Vermont of the 19th century. Located in Middlebury in the Vermont region and Mad River reachable within 20 miles, Robert Frost Mountain Cabins provides accommodations with free WiFi, BBQ facilities, a garden and free private parking.

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Where to stay in the Mad River Valley VT

Book your stay at Claybrook Inn, on Sugarbush Mountain in Warren. The location cannot get better as you have step-off access to the ski mountain, and hiking trails. Enjoy the hot tubs, pool and various on-site entertainment and restaurants.

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Where to stay in Manchester VT

The Barnstead Inn is another great rustic option! Very cozy, this accommodation is 16 miles from Stratton Mountain. The Barnstead Inn provides accommodations with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden and a shared lounge.

There are options to add on a ski pass!

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Explore more great places to stay in Vermont!

Frequently Asked Questions: What is Vermont famous for?

Vermont is a popular vacation destination all seasons!

Why do people go to Vermont?

People go to Vermont for its gorgeous fall foliage, ski destinations, and numerous outdoor activities.

What is the best thing about living in Vermont?

The best thing is the stunning scenery all seasons! From Lake Champlain to the Green Mountains, there are rolling green hills all around. The fall is a particular highlight as the green mountains turn into collages of red-yellow-orange!

What does Vermont produce the most?

Vermont primarily produces milk for New England and supplies the U.S. with half of its maple syrup.

In Conclusion: What is Vermont known for?

Vermont is a must-visit state if you are a lover of the outdoors and local fresh foods. Vermont is known for its endless hiking trails, ski resorts, and farmer’s markets to explore. Expect friendly, open-minded locals and maybe even a run-in with Senator Bernie Sanders.